Massimo Garbuio

Massimo Garbuio

Research Expert

Dr Massimo Garbuio is a Lecturer at the University of Sydney Business School. Working at the intersection of entrepreneurship, design thinking and strategy, Massimo’s work explores how master decision makers think about strategy and innovation and allocate resources. His research has shown the critical importance of strategic conversations over financial analysis in the success of strategic decisions such as market entries, capital investments and M&As.

In collaboration with the McKinsey Quarterly in New York, Massimo participated in interviews to Fortune 500 top executives as well as large sample surveys on resource allocation decisions. He has run workshops for ASX 200 companies as well as Australian subsidiaries of Fortune 500 companies and consults on a regular basis with companies in the financial industry in Australia.

Massimo is invited to speak at international conferences and is published in California Management Review, Journal of Management, Long Range Planning, The McKinsey Quarterly and The McKinsey on Finance.

Massimo holds a PhD from the University of Western Australia and has masters from the University College London and the University of Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Strategic Management Society and the Academy of Management and is on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Management.