BC Strategy was founded in 2013 in response to a recognised gap in the market for top-tier consultants working in a more flexible and cost-effective operating model. Working outside of the fixed project format of larger consultancy firms, we provide clients with access to the same quality and consistency of top-tier talent, but with the flexibility they desire.

Recruiting exclusively from the top three consulting firms (McKinsey, BCG, and Bain) ensures that each of our engagements is of the highest quality. All of our consultants have multiple years of experience serving clients across industries and functions and possess a comprehensive skill set that make them a highly effective and dependable addition to corporate strategy teams.

We provide our clients with a flexible support model, unbundling the typical consulting project format and instead offering a bespoke solution matching their exact needs. This can range from the deployment of a standalone consultant to support internal projects or temporary capability gaps, through to standing up sizeable on-the-ground teams to provide end-to-end business solutions. Additionally, our support model ensures that clients do not pay for the downtime or overheads typically present in the larger firms, enabling us to offer highly competitive fees.

The success of BC Strategy in the Australian and New Zealand market to date is attributable to our focus on consistency and reliability as well as our clients’ continued demand for flexibility in the resources they require.