Founded in 2013 under the name Baracchi Consulting, BC was created in response to a recognised gap in the market for top-tier business analysts. Working outside the fixed project format of the larger firms, BC allowed clients access to the same quality and consistency of talent, but with the flexibility they desired.

Working with clients primarily in the financial services space, BC soon recognised that every major industry had a need for experienced business analysts. Since that time, demand has seen the company expand into a wide variety of industries and the BC team has grown to meet this demand.

All BC analysts possess a comprehensive skillset including proficiency with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, as well as common enhancements such as ThinkCell.

The success of BC in the Australian and New Zealand market is attributable to both the focus on consistency and reliability, and clients’ option to tap into only the resources that they need at any given point in time. Exclusive recruitment from the top three strategy firms – McKinsey, BCG, and Bain – ensures high quality output for every engagement.